History Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd

Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd established since January 2002 (Formerly known as Jin Jiao Enterprises Thailand Co., Ltd started in September 1990) Business objectives for the production of work-related about Laminating, CNC, Adhesive Coating and Processing for Footwear, Luggage, Packaging Material, Garment, Sport Equipment, Electric and Electronic Equipment and Automotive Parts. Comprehensive leading in Thailand. It is also a manufacturer and distributor of parts and raw materials. The company has expertise in design, manufacture, selling and service  for customers efficiently. With the introduction of modern production technology as well as continuous improvement and development .To satisfy customer's demands . In addition, the company trusted by large companies both domestically and internationally. To design products that are parts and raw materials to help customers reduce production costs and produce products for customers with quality. According to the company's policy  are  CUSTOMER SATISFACTORY, TIMELY DELIVERY, FORWARDNESS QUALITY, NON-STOP IMPROVEMENT. Until it is accepted by customers .In addition, the company has been certified for quality management systems ISO 9001: 2015 and TS16949. Apply to improve and develop the organization continuously. And help customers gain confidence in the quality of products, products and services of the organization. As well as help raise the level of trust between business organizations. (Business-to-business relation.3s). Recruiting suppliers and enhances the potential of an organization's efficient and appropriate procurement process.


The founding of  Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd.

Vision of Mr. Jung Lin Yueh, CEO. Foreseeing the opportunity to do business Jin Jiao Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in September 1990 in the export zone,Bang Pu Industrial Estate. Changed its name to Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd. in January 2002 at the current location of the company.

Starting a contract business about  Laminate , Adhesive , Perforation that is mainly used in the shoe business. From business development and consistent product quality therefore increasing the production process about Cut size , Die Cut , Heft Cut , Heat Press. Used in the electronic and automotive industry in  current.



Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd. Committed to be the leader in the distribution and service of comprehensive laminate work in the supply chain in Asia.Which will sell and provide products with the highest quality standards and fair prices.


Chin Chun Enterprise 2002 Co., Ltd. Committed first and foremost to delivering high quality products. Get standards and excellent service to our customers. By being aware of the distribution of products and services thoroughly. It also covers in terms of consulting, design and production that reduce costs and expenses of customers as much as possible. The result that an organization achieves is a success that surpasses the company's return on investment.

Goal Outside the organization.

  • Being a leader in the business of contract manufacturing for laminate work. Comprehensive, leading in Thailand and Asia.
  • Product branding.
  • Continuous research and development of products to meet customer expectations and be the best over competitors.
  • Select the best method of management and practice. and to give importance to every business process.
  • Improve, analyze, create and increase good relationships with potential customers. To make customers satisfied and impressed with the quality of the company's products and services. As a result, there are more regular customers.
  • Add service which expands the marketing business base to make a difference in service and access to customers thoroughly.
  • Achieving 15% more market share per year in order to maximize the Company's operating profits.

Goal Inside the organization.

  • There was unity and cooperation within the organization.
  • Everyone in the organization was enthusiastic. And diligence in work due to morale and encouragement for work The incentive is the return that will be received from the performance as a driver.
  • Everyone in the organization has operational responsibility.
  • There is continuous improvement and development of people, machines, raw materials. In addition, modern production technology according to the globalization era.
  • More welfare for employees.
  • Everyone in the organization has a positive attitude and is happy to work.



The company has a strong determination to impress. In providing services with the use of modern technology that provides services quickly and accurately. Quality and service with cordiality.



Management  under the management of the board of directors and executives who are highly experienced and well respected in the business community. The company is committed to expanding its business operations. We believe in the principles of free trade and good governance. Conduct of business with responsibility to stakeholder groups both shareholders business partners and employees as well as the society as a whole.

Organization culture.
The company believes in working as a team. All team members support each other, share ideas and solve problems .Always go together because we know that each "photo collage" that we have put together is each step towards success.


Power : Determination and dedication for strong and sustainable growth.
Creativity : Always initiate and develop new ideas.
Unity : Working together to reach the same goal.
goodwill : Forgiving each other and helping each other.
Friendship : Planted with heart nourished with a smile.

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